School Projects

Inclusive Outdoor Classroom and Swing Project


  • Owchar’s have donated a grain bin that is 14ft in diameter.
  • Chad Nordin has already got the roof made and it is ready to go on our call.
  • The Outdoor Classroom will be a Grain Bin Gazebo style similar to the ones shown in the pictures below:


Donations to the project so far:

  • The CJES SCC have donated $5000.00 towards this project
  • CJES has donated over $4000.00


  • We have applied for the COOP Community Spaces Grant.

Estimated Cost of the project

Engineer to design the foundation and structure 5000
Adaptive Chair Swing with 5 point harness 2500
5 X 25 foot sidewalk attached to our west entrance cement 1000
24 X 24 foot cement pad for the grain bin gazebo to sit on 10000
Prep the site for the sidewalk and cement pad above 2500
Put up the Grain Bin Gazebo (6X6 treated posts, Labour, rent a lift, hardware, etc.) 5000
Prep the site for the swing frame and pour in place rubber 2500
Swing frame 5000
pour in place rubber under and around the swing frame 25000
Mandatory wooden border around the pour in place rubber 3500
Total Estimated Cost of the CJES Inclusive Outdoor Classroom and Swing Project 62000

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