School Supplies

2023-2024 School News

  • The CJES School Community Council has set school fees for the 2023-2024 school year at S20 and a consumable school supply fee at $55 for a total of $75 due the first day of school to be paid on School Cash Online.
  • Watch your e-mails in late August for your invite to School Cash Online where you will be asked to set up your parent account. Once you've set it up you will be able to pay your child's fees online as well as purchase any other items throughout the school year that are available for purchase (ex: House Team t-shirts, etc) There is also an option for setting up a payment plan.
  • Parents/Guardians will still need to ensure students have indoor shoes, a lunch kit, a book bag, a paint shirt, head phones, and a water bottle.
  • All consumable school supplies will be provided at all grade levels by the school as part of your school fees. For more information on what your school fees cover, go to parent information
  • If you log in to your Edsby Account in late August you will be able to find out your child's Home-Room information.